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    The High Power LightSheer Diode Laser is a new technology designed to permanently remove unwanted hair comfortably, fast and affordable. The LightSheer is one of the world's best hair removal lasers and differs in many ways from its competitors. It is the first laser that has been approved by the American FDA for hair removal.The LightSheer is provided by the company Lumenis, Lumenis which has delivered laser devices to hospitals and clinics, domestic and abroad, for more than 20 years.Scientists of the renown Harvard University University in the US have confirmed the good results obtained with this laser in scientific research. Hence laser specialist Madeleine Duval is convinced that the LightSheer is the future in the field of permanent hair removal.

    How does the LightSheer work ?
    In order to understand how the LightSheer works, it is important to know how hair grows and how the laser can remove the hair. Everyone's hair grows differently, depending on age, metabolism, hormones, medications and ethnic background.

    But all hair goes through three distinct growth phases:
    * Active growth phase (anagen phase). During this phase, the hair root contains the pigment melanin.
    * Transitional phase (catagen phase). This phase lasts about two weeks, during which the hair stops growing and contains less pigment
    * Resting phase (telogen phase). At the end of a period of approximately 6 weeks the hair falls out spontaneously and a new phase of growth begins.

    The LightSheer produces a powerful, highly concentrated and pure laser beam. Inside the pigment of the hair roots, the energy of this laser beam is transformed into warmth, whereby the hair roots are damaged in a way that no new growth of hair can occur. The skin is not harmed by this process. Hair in the growth phase (1) is most sensitive for laser light as the hair follicles contain pigment or melanin during this phase. Laser light is most effective with hair in the active growth phase (1).With a single laser beam it is possible to treat many hair roots at once. But unfortunately not all hair is in the same phase of growth at the same time. This makes several treatments, at intervals of ± 4 to 8 weeks necessary. About 4 weeks for the treatment of the face, armpits or bikini line and ± 8 weeks for legs, back or stomach. During this period the hair is shed spontaneously and a new cycle of growth starts.

    Safe & skin-friendly
    In order to give extra protection to the skin, the LightSheer comprises a unique cooling system, the so called ChilltipTM. As indicated by its name, the ChilltipTM cools the skin surrounding the treatment area to about 4ºC. Because of the ChilltipTM the warmth that is generated by the laser beam is counteracted immediately, which increases the comfort during treatment. Thus the LightSheer can also be used for the most sensitive skin. Thanks to the cooling the method is well tolerated and no anaesthetic is needed. Usually you can go back to your normal occupation almost instantly after the treatment.

    Why the LightSheer?
    Flashlights are used for hair removal in various clinics for aesthetic surgery. These apparatuses emit a mixture of different kinds of light. The LightSheer emits at a single wavelength of 800nm and can thanks to its high power also reach deeper hair roots. Therefore hair removal is also made possible in areas other flashlights cannot reach.Besides experience has shown that the average number of treatments using the LightSheer is 3 to 5, while using flashlights for the same treatment an average of 5 to 9 sessions is needed.

    * The most effective way of hair removal
    * Low strain on the client
    * Fast (average of 3 to 5 treatments)
    * Cost effective
    * Long term result
    * Safe and skin-friendly
    * Scientifically confirmed
    * Constant quality of laser beam
    * FDA approved

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